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Your Elite Celebration Wedding DJ
  • Do you have a photo booth?
    Technically I don't own a photo booth but I've teamed up with a company that offers photo scape. By bundling our services you can get a great deal.

  • Do you have uplighting?
    Yes, we have 14 LED professional uplights. I purchased these with the intent to match wedding colors. Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White LEDs provide the perfect color palate to create different shades of all colors, pinks, purples, oranges etc. They set a great ambiance in the room and are worth every penny.

  • Do you recommend a photographer?
    Yes, we've teamed up with Smiling Shamrock photography, LuvEd Photography and Specks Photography. Those are the three we'd recommend.

  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use high quality industry equipment. This isn't refurbished stuff or picked up from some garage sale. All the equipment is brand new and packs a punch. Let's put it this way, it will never need to be turned all the way up. You'll get the bass you want in certain songs if that's what you are wondering.

  • What kind of DJ are you? What kind of music do you play?
    People worry about their DJ being cheesy and playing really bad music. The beauty of "Your" Elite Celebration is that it's your event. What this means is that if you like a certain music genre then that's what will be played. Whatever you want to hear, that's what you'll hear. A lot of DJs think it's their show, it isn't, it's a party for everyone, let's just have a blast.

  • What's involved with this itinerary you type up?
    "He who fails to plan, plans to fail". Part of giving you peace-of-mind is making sure you are confident your DJ knows what he's doing. After you fill out the Celebration Planner I will type out an itinerary that gives your event a timeline. All announcements, songs, dances, etc. in order from start to finish. I will send you this itinerary via email and we will discuss it at the pre-call. Here is where changes are made and you approve it. All designed to give you confidence the event is taken care of. You can then relax and enjoy yourself.

  • What's a precall?
    We will speak at length about your event and exactly what you want. The precall is simply a call we will place to you the week of your event to verify everything we have discussed and lock in all the details.

  • Do I tip my DJ, if so how much?
    In my many years I've received tips ranging from 10% to 20% and truly appreciated them as I was working for a company. Now as I run my own company a tip is still certainly appreciated but there is something much more valuable I'd rather have,... a great client review. That is what I work towards. Your positive feedback on a job well done is a nugget of gold to me.

  • Are you qualified?
    Of course. For years I've been DJ'ing for a national franchise, I wouldn't even attempt this if I didn't have the knowledge and experience. As Your Elite Celebration we are a registered business with Cook County, IL. and comply with all federal tax requirements.

  • Do you carry insurance?
    Yes, Your Elite Celebration is covered with liability insurance as some halls now do require this.

  • Are you part of any industry groups or associations?
    Yes, Your Elite Celebration is part of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

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